Web3: Owned
by Creators

Putting Creators in control of their intellectual
property without any restrictions.


The Mannheim Foundation (M.F) was established to encourage, promote, and support Mannheim network projects. The organization is committed to community participation and is dedicated to sponsoring community participation in the world of decentralized data. $HEIM tokens, related networks, and markets all use trade secrets and intellectual property created, owned, or licensed by the foundation.

The development plan of the Mannheim ecosystem is to form an institution composed of investors, community members, industry professionals, infrastructure service providers, and dedicated volunteers responsible for decision-making and supervision of the Mannheim network development.

The M.F is also tasked with organizing and managing operations of the Mannheim ecosystem community, as well as the management and security of the funds raised. The M.F is an independent non-profit organization that provides solutions and maintenance guarantees for ecosystem members whilst also promoting the standardized management of the ecosystem.


The Mannheim network hosts open-source, decentralized storage and distribution technology of Metaverse Concurrency Infrastructure (MCI), in which any individual can create, share, and monetize content without relying on centralized servers or third parties.


Mannheim is built upon decentralized blockchain technology that leverages strong the underlying infrastructure to facilitate high-speed deployment of the applications in the ecosystem.


To create the high-performance, interactive social virtual reality Valery World, unite world-class companies, developers, and creators to be a part of Mannheim ecosystem co-construction for mutual gain and development of Web 3.0 technologies and contribute positively to society.


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