2019 Q2
Launched Domino.
2019 Q3
Released ERC20 contract on Rinkeby.
2020 Q1
Released Domino Network protocol standard. Established multi-consensus and distributed test network environment.
2020 Q2
Established community bonus pool for Mannheim application and tool developers.
2020 Q3
Launched Bounty campaign for beta testing.
2021 Q4
Rebranded to Mannheim. Launched Rubik testnet, mining client, introductory documentation, and opened consensus mechanism to testing and verification.
2022 Q1
Launched Mannheim mainnet. HRC-20 token standard released on Github. Established the initial node network and released the lite client. Also launched the Mannheim Virtual Machine with developer tools supporting ERC 721 and ERC 1155 NFT standard protocols.
2022 Q3
ValeryWorld beta v1 Alice’s NavaLand online and preparing for the next version, ‘Gaia’. Access granted to social NFT games with boot tutorial version.
2022 Q4
Application protocol testing on smart devices. Add NFT cross-chain utility. Release H-WASM Compile Tool, provide more compilation tools and extensive contract library file source code.
Much more to come!