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TokenSpace is ultra-safe, easy-to-use, and trusted by millions of users around the world.

TokenSpace is designed and developed by the consensus community to support the Mannheim ecosystem.
Mannheim Labs is a key player in the continuous development of ecosystem projects including TokenSpace.


Cross-Chain Integration

Comprehensive Token Management User-friendly and supports cross-chain digital assets.

Explore Valery World

Built-in Valery World application integration.

Dapp Store

The in-Dapp Dapp store will serve as an entry point for users wanting to explore more Dapps.

NFT Support

Discover quality NFT collections across multiple protocols chains Ethereum, Mannheim, BSC, WAX, and Flow.

Token Swap

Tokens swaps are executed within a single transaction and guaranteed to fill at the specified price without slippage.

Node Management

View real-time node status conditions (health, peer connections, balance, etc.) deployed in the Mannheim ecosystem.

Decentralized Exchange

Cryptocurrency DEX without any central intermediary or authority.

Enjoy Rewards

Put your crypto to work for passive income with super easy high-yield in-app staking.


The easiest way to send and receive crypto payments.


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